The Simpson County Achievement Center takes much pride in delivering quality instruction to our students each day.  We strive to keep a positive line of communication open to all of the schools in our district to ensure that we are doing what is best for each child each day.  

Our school has a small staff but one that works diligently to make a difference.  The  principal is Dr. Roma Morris, Teacher in Charge-Dr. Allison Moffett, Math Teacher-Mrs. Kriste Mangum, ELA/SS Teacher- Mrs. Valerie Jones, Science Teacher-Coach Drew Lane, and Secretary- Mrs. Melissa Cardin.  

Students that attend the Achievement Center spend their day in planned instructional time with each of our teachers rotating from class to class including computer time either in the lab or the classrooms each day.  Lunch is served in our assembly area where staff and students converse. 

The Achievement School is a behavior track school for students whose infraction at their home school requires a change in school location for a period of time determined by the Change of Placement Committee and/or the Superintendent.  

SCAC Faculty

Pictured Front Row: Mrs. Kriste Mangum (Math), Mrs. Melissa Cardin (Secretary), Dr. Allison Moffett (Special Services, Teacher in Charge). Back Row: Mrs. Valerie Jones (ELA), Dr. Roma Morris (Principal), Coach Drew Lane (Science)

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Simpson County
Achievement Center

Reaching for Excellence in Every Child Every Day!

Simpson County Achievement Center

Leadership Team


Dr. Roma Morris, Principal

Dr. Allison Moffett, Teacher In Charge

Mrs. Kriste Mangum, Math Teacher

Mrs. Melissa Cardin, Secretary


At SCAC we are striving for excellence each day. Excellence reflects differently in each individual as we are all "different." The Staff of SCAC takes a strong interest and focus in your child's education as well as his/her attitude of self and others. Respect from all and to all while at the Center is required. We learn together and we celebrate together. We are accountable for all of our choices and interactions with others.

SCAC Staff takes a strong stance on maintaining a safe environment and is supported by our local law enforcement, both the City Police and the Sheriff's Department. 

We also believe that showing pride in our school and our campus is a reflection of how we perceive our world and our self-worth. Businesses in this area have supported our school through donations which have enabled us to improve our campus. The Center has a most impressive new sign, a beautifully landscaped entrance, and a warm, welcoming foyer as visitors, parents, and students enter. We especially thank Priority One Bank, Bruckner's Photography, and Howard Industries of Laurel as they have worked cooperatively with us as community supporters this year. They have played a major role in providing much of the aesthetic improvements and student incentives this year. 

If you have any suggestions as to how to improve any area of our school, please see the principal or one of the members of our leadership team.

If you would like to support a school project, please meet with our principal to discuss your ideas.

As always, we are striving to provide Excellence in Education---every day for each child at SCAC. 

Dr. Roma Windham Morris

Administrator-Simpson County Achievement Center